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Also my hair is getting too long and I haven’t ordered my books for next year along with my very long list of important items I also need to get very soon so overall I’m feeling pretty unaccomplished at the moment.

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It’s been 30 degrees for days here and I seriously can’t wait for summer to end. I feel drowsy and sweaty all the time and there’s no use in opening the windows because there’s no cold wind coming in. I can’t function properly in this weather and there was so much I wanted to do over the holidays. I can’t wait to spend time in a colder climate.

Frida Kahlo de Rivera (July 6, 1907 – July 13, 1954; Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderón) was a Mexican painter, born in Coyoacán.

Perhaps best known for her self-portraits, Kahlo’s work is remembered for its “pain and passion”, and its intense, vibrant colors. Her work has been celebrated in Mexico as emblematic of national and indigenous tradition, and by feminists for its uncompromising depiction of the female experience and form.

Her work has also been described as surrealist, and in 1938 André Breton, principal initiator of the surrealist movement, described Kahlo’s art as a “ribbon around a bomb”.

During her lifetime, Frida created some 200 paintings, drawings and sketches related to her experiences in life, physical and emotional pain and her turbulent relationship with Diego. She produced 143 paintings, 55 of which are self-portraits. When asked why she painted so many self-portraits, Frida replied: “Because I am so often alone….because I am the subject I know best.” 

She also stated, “I was born a bitch. I was born a painter.” (x)


Cliffs of Moher, Ireland


At the end of last year Young Friends of the Earth reacted against Lord Browne’s controversial appointment as a Non-Executive Director in the Cabinet Office, following his appointment as Chairman of Cuadrilla and previous role as CEO of BP.

A protest was held and a petition was made calling him to resign from his position in cabinet:

Now we are calling on you and your friends to send Lord Browne a personal message to raise our voices and say no to dirty energy…through the power of selfies and social media!


  1. Download and print the speech bubbles

  2. Cut them out (and give one to a friend too!)

  3. Write your message

  4. Take a selfie with your speech bubble (see below for example)

  5. Post it to Twitter and Facebook using #LordBrowneFrackOff

  6. Help call an end to our toxic relationship with dirty energy!

Here’s one we made earlier…



mainstream tumblr feminism may have many glaring faults but it has bred an army of teenage girls who understand the common ways that misogyny is reinforced in society and who know that they’re better off loving their fellow woman than fighting with her and that’s actually pretty damn revolutionary


this is called “how embarrassing can Leo get?” and was me learning how to gif and pretending to be a kitten and ending up late for school