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The recent release of “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" reminded me of one of my favorite ape vs. man films – this 1932 video that shows a baby chimpanzee and a baby human undergoing the same basic psychological tests.

Its gets weirder – the human baby (Donald) and the chimpanzee baby (Gua) were both raised as humans by their biological/adopted father Winthrop Niles Kellogg.  Kellogg was a comparative psychologist fascinated by the interplay between nature and nurture, and he devised a fascinating (and questionably ethical) experiment to study it:

Suppose an anthropoid were taken into a typical human family at the day of birth and reared as a child. Suppose he were fed upon a bottle, clothed, washed, bathed, fondled, and given a characteristically human environment; that he were spoken to like the human infant from the moment of parturition; that he had an adopted human mother and an adopted human father.

First, Kellogg had to convince his pregnant wife he wasn’t crazy:

 …the enthusiasm of one of us met with so much resistance from the other that it appeared likely we could never come to an agreement upon whether or not we should even attempt such an undertaking.

She apparently gave in, because Donald and Gua were raised, for nine months, as brother and sister. Much like Caesar in the “Planet of the Apes” movies, Gua developed faster than her “brother,” and often outperformed him in tasks. But she soon hit a cognitive wall, and the experiment came to an end. (Probably for the best, as Donald had begun to speak chimpanzee.)

You can read more about Kellogg’s experiment, its legacy, and public reaction to it here.

Fidgeting is a real problem. It is a strong indicator that children are not getting enough movement throughout the day. We need to fix the underlying issue. Recess times need to be extended and kids should be playing outside as soon as they get home from school. Twenty minutes of movement a day is not enough! They need hours of play outdoors in order to establish a healthy sensory system and to support higher-level attention and learning in the classroom.

In order for children to learn, they need to be able to pay attention. In order to pay attention, we need to let them move.


The Real Reason Kids Fidget

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Gay Movie Needs Your Help To Improve Honest LGBT Representation In Sci-Fi

A team of British filmmakers are aiming to produce a groundbreaking new science-fiction movie that not only stars two gay men in the lead roles, but hopes to pave the way for improved representation of LGBT characters in the film industry.

Credence follows a gay male couple preparing to sell their worldly possessions to fund their young daughter’s evacuation from Earth in the wake of violent storms predicted to decimate the planet. While they will likely save her life for the right price, they may need to sacrifice their own lives in the process… Read more and watch the trailer and a behind-the-scenes video.

Dear White People (x)


In landmark gesture, Canada has granted Wren, 12, a male birth certificate without reassignment surgery

"A birth certificate is a fundamental form of identification. This will ensure that transgender people can obtain accurate birth certificates that reflect who they are," Michael Silverman, executive director of the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund, said earlier this month following New York’s policy change.

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to be honest i get confused when people talk about how great Orphan Black is in terms of representation

like… this is the show where ALL of the characters of color are some combination of marginal, dead, tragic, absent, abusive, or subservient to the white characters (post doesn’t include Alison’s friend Meera, played by Priya Rao). like i’ve said before, this show has truly made casting only white people for the significant roles into an art

but then i remember that for queer white fangirls, good representation never includes people of color. it’s all about white queerness, and we don’t just cast everyone else aside but actually stomp them down so that we can get higher up

you only have to look at how the most beloved character in the fandom seems to be Cosima the anti-black little shit. and her appropriation of a Black hairstyle is part of the REASON people like her (because “it’s so sexy and edgy and just looks so good on her”)


this set makes me feel really content.